Hiatus… And Then Some.

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Holy Hannah Wordnerds!

Is this… is it a post?! The first one in MONTHS?

Yes it is – and let me tell you, a LOT has been going on in my absence.

Now that I am comfortably relocated back in my home town, I’ve had some time to actually sit down and… gasp… READ SOMETHING. Let me tell you, there is really nothing more comforting during two months of unemployment than getting lost in a book or two. It definitely helped me work through the anxiety of not having a regular source of income.

So hopefully, now that I’m getting my groove back and have finally been reunited with my beautiful bookshelves, I’m so ready to get back in the swing of things. Those of you who are still around keep your eyes peeled for incoming reviews and general blog craziness!

How I’ve missed you all!

One thought on “Hiatus… And Then Some.

  1. We all need a break/hiatus of sorts from time to time 😉 Great to see you back, looking forward to hearing about your bookish adventures!!


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