LibraryThing Acquisition – My Thoughts

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Hey Wordnerds! Long time, no see!

Things here have been pretty busy, so I’m just stopping in to share my thoughts on something that has me… well let’s just say a little worried.

Earlier this week, my fellow Littens and I were slightly shocked to find that Litsy (our online, bookish family) had been purchased by library cataloging app LibraryThing. Although acquisitions like this happen every day, this is the first that has impacted me personally.

As someone who visits Litsy every morning with her very first cup of coffee, I love seeing the posts from all of my fellow Littens – regardless of their content. I don’t care if they posted a photo of a book or their dog. Our reading lives are so diverse and different that getting a small peek into the lives of other readers is both inspiring and therapeutic. Litsy is perfect in its humble way and it’s easy to fall in love with the simplicity of the app.

Through all of the chaos, LibraryThing seemed to realize that Littens are a very passionate group. To their credit, they have set up an Onward, Litsy! facebook page so that the Littens can put in their two cents about what they would like to see changed and what they desperately want to stay the same. The group can be found here: Onward, Litsy!

Among the most common requests are: No algorithms, a wishlist feature, owned/unowned books that have been read, a special thread for giveaways/bookclubs/swaps, and more stickers for photos. (I am SO on board with all of these… especially the stickers. My inner 90s kid loves me some stickers.)

I have one, simple request. I just want the Litsy family that I know and love to persevere through the changes. I’m not afraid of the fine-tuning that the staff at LibraryThing are going to do – I’m afraid of the impact on our community. Please don’t get discouraged Littens, I know that things may end up being a little different and I know that change can be hard. Although I sometimes struggle with change myself, in my mind, waking up and finding out that – through all of the madness that may come with updates and trial and error – I lost my Litsy family, that would be the hardest of all. I love knowing what MrBook and BookBabe are having for dinner that night (it’s actually inspired me to get off my butt and cook), and what Tiffy_Reads, JoeStalksBeck, and JenLovesJT47 have up their sleeves for swaps or readathons.

These people, near and far, have become my solace in times of dreaded bookslumps and when a book just hasn’t turned out the way that I had hoped. LibraryThing or no, we’re still Littens – hear us roar!



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