Making the Switch… Eventually.

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Hey Wordnerds!

So, I have a bit of a funny story.

On Tuesday, I walked into work and purchased myself a gift card. I did this while proclaiming that I was going to make a complete transition into reading on my ereader, and my ereader alone. It was a bold statement for someone who collects bookmarks like it’s her job and finds great joy in doing a decent portion of her reading in the bathtub. However, I came to this decision for a few different reasons:

  1. My apartment is small and the large amount of to-be-read piles is starting to make me a little anxious. Seriously. There are four piles on my table (a place where I am supposed to sit to eat – but can’t), a pile on my night stand, and an entire bookshelf which is home to more books that I haven’t read than ones I have.
  2. Although I currently work in a bookstore, there are titles that I want to read that we don’t readily have in stock – and I am most definitely not a patient person. Ordering them and then having to wait for them to show up might actually hurt me.
  3. My kobo is much lighter and thus is easier to carry around. Not to mention, it can hold pretty much my entire library in a device that weighs less than five pounds. That’s pretty insane.
  4. I was going to insert a reason about saving the trees here, but I’m pretty sure that the plastic processing that goes into make electronic devices is equally – if not more – of a strain on the environment than actual printed books. So I’ll claim willful ignorance on this one.

So my decision had been made. I bought a gift card from work to both keep me on a budget, and still support my store.

Then this showed up in warehouse:

the wicked deep

Oh my goodness – THAT COVER!

It’s foil on matte. The picture doesn’t even do it justice. I had to have it – it would look stunning on my shelves and it looks phenomenal on it’s own too! Just like that, I slipped already. I had to buy it – bonus points for it being a witchy story. I love witchy stories!

But it got better.

The wicked deep naked

IT LOOKS GOOD NAKED TOO?! Sold. I have never swiped a gift card so quickly and readily.

So… I’m working on the switch to electronic reading. I do really love my kobo and I do use it more often than not – but I still have a lot of print books left to read that are currently just hanging around my apartment. I’m positive that they’re reproducing. There is no way that I have carted all of these home at some point or another.

Though, really, that sounds like the absolute BEST problem to have.

7 thoughts on “Making the Switch… Eventually.

  1. I am having the opposite problem! I keep bowing that I’m going to read more paper books but I have such a hard time reading without audio. 😭


      • Truth! My bookshelf is full of children’s books that my grandmother read to me as a child, her hymnals and some beautiful books I got from a recent Litsy swap lol I barely have any paper books.


  2. I can appreciate your lack of adequate space, but I find myself resolved to maintain a “paper” book collection of modest size, in addition to my digital device. Perhaps it is my unnecessary paranoia showing, but I worry that someday, someone will pull the plug on all the technology, and thrust us into our own version of the dark ages. Then what will I read??? Along these same thought processes, I have retained some of my kids “How to…” school age workbooks (Reading, Writing, Math, always with the math), and related supplies. Maybe I will be sought out as a village elder. I could do that and be the village drunkard too, couldn’t I? I am not sure if that would be a good thing, but it has to be better than the village idiot. As always, I love reading what you write Katy, and I look forward to your next post. 👓📖 Wen 🍷


    • Hahaha Ah Wen. I would vote you village elder in a heartbeat! Unfortunately for you, village drunkard is a title reserved for myself haha. I’ve considered the same thing about the plug being pulled on ereaders, but I’ve decided to wander through my reading life hopeful and ignorant. Thanks so much for the comment! Cheers 🍺


  3. I think it is important to have both as I could grab my kobo or it is always in my purse in case of a fire heaven forbid. On the other hand a couple of years ago my kobo was old enough that it was no longer supported by kobo and I couldn’t buy ebooks. And a lot of the books I had I couldn’t open. I was so anxious. Yes I realized I could just open my kobo account on any computer but it just wasn’t the same lol. EReaders are back up for your library and visa versa lol.


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