My Favourite Tropes Highlight – Creepy Kids!

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Hey Wordnerds!

So over the last few days I’ve been thinking about some of my favourite tropes across literature. Some of them in horror/thriller, some in fantasy or romance. So I’ve decided to highlight a few of my favourites over the next couple of weeks.

Today’s topic of discussion: Creepy Kids

Now part of the inspiration for this post is the fact that I am currently reading The Ice Twins by S.K. Tremayne which features one very off-putting little girl. Oddly enough, I find that a lot of the time, the terrifying tot in question is a doll-like little girl. (She says as she uses a photo of Damien from the Omen as her header image.) The twins from the Shining, Samara from the movie the Ring, Regan MacNeil from the Exorcist, the list goes on and on – in both literature and film.

So what makes this trope so bloody terrifying? Imagine that you’re a mother or father of one of these kids. For the first years of your life, you’ve never experienced anything but love for them – you still love them dearly obviously, but now they’re showing characteristics that make you pause and wonder if they’re actually possessed or capable of hurting someone or themselves. It’s got to be a tough situation to fall into. I mean, a seriously doubt that a lot of parents are going to shrug their shoulders and say “Well this one got too intensely creepy, lets get rid of it and just make a new one.” No way. There is ALWAYS that underlying moral compass that says “yea, so she’s standing at my bedside staring at me menacingly while I sleep… but I did teach her to tie her shoelaces and use a spoon.” The love of a parent is unwavering and true… even if their child is showing some not ok signs of possibly being a psychopath.

Watching these kids on television, and reading about them in books makes me truly wonder if I will ever have the guts to be a parent. I mean, it goes without saying that I would love my hypothetical offspring until the end of time, but what if…

Is this one of your favourite tropes or do you feel like it’s over done and needs to be given a rest for a while? As always, I love hearing from you Wordnerds, so sound off in the comments below!


One thought on “My Favourite Tropes Highlight – Creepy Kids!

  1. Oh wow, YES! What is it about kids that inherently makes any story more creepy??? A fairly standard crime/thriller plot becomes 100x more confronting when you figure out a child was a witness or the perpetrator or somehow involved otherwise… I can’t say this is one of my “favourite” tropes per se, I tend to avoid it like the plague (but that’s because it gives me the creeps, which I suppose means the authors are doing their job right! hahaha). Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, this was great 🙂


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