Back From Vacation – and Back At It!

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Hey Wordnerds! Long-time-no-see!

A couple of days ago, I returned to my Northern home from my vacation to see my family back home. In the seven days that I was there we made two trips to the book store – one in a pretty miserable snow storm. My family of book loving people will NOT be stopped by something as silly as weather when there are books to be purchased!

Now that I have slept off the excitement and recovered the vast majority of my hearing (Yay! Pressurized cabins!), I’m hoping to jump right back on the blog train! The very first review will be posted tomorrow morning and features a book that I read during my vacation. As it turns out, I’m on a bit of a thriller/true crime bender right now.

Today was also my first day back at work. Even though I spent seven WONDERFUL days doing pretty much nothing but playing World of Warcraft and watching the Super Bowl (and book shopping obviously), there is definitely something to be said for returning to my normal routine. It’s just a bonus that my normal routine heavily features getting paid to talk about books. How freaking lucky am I?

It’s good to be finally throwing my scatter-brained thoughts back into the vast expanse of the internet once again.

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