It’s Beyond Cold Out… Again. **Day 2**

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Hey Wordnerds!

So here I am on Day Two – desperately hoping that I accomplish more than I did yesterday. I wanted so badly to finish Renegades, but ended up procrastinating extra hard for the vast majority of the day. I partially blame my computer for staring at me in that way that it does when I haven’t played any video games in a few days (dang it Francine! Stop being so needy!) and I partially just accept that it was all my own fault. I spent the ENTIRE day in my pajamas, which I actively discouraged in my Readathon Tips post because it keeps you ready for sleep – and nap I did.


Anyway, I made it to Chapter 29 out of 43 so I’m hoping the blow through these last chapters today so I can pull my first PopSugar challenge book tonight. Boyfriend is at a convention today so I have the whole house to myself and can consume vast quantities of coffee without judgement. (He doesn’t really judge me, but sometimes I think he really does worry about the rate at which my heart should be beating with that level of caffeine running through my system.)

I have actually gotten dressed, I have done a few of my daily chores and I am ready to jump back into the world of Renegades with Nova and Adrian. It’s weird to read a book that has a main character with the same name as one of my cats, but I’m really loving it so far. Don’t let my slow pace make you think otherwise. I’m just savoring the story since the next book in the duology (?) isn’t coming out until fall of this year. (This is why I usually wait for the entire series to be out. The wait is going to be PAINFUL.)

For anyone who is joining me today, best of luck and happy reading! For those of you who were looking forward to keeping up with my endeavors on Instagram and Litsy, I’m terribly sorry – I let you down hard. I posted absolutely NOTHING other than my blog post yesterday. I don’t know why I say that I will post to other sites since once I get going, I really don’t want to stop to post a picture, but I will try to do better in the future. Maybe not today… but one day.

Without further ado… READING!

Happy Saturday Wordnerds!

4 thoughts on “It’s Beyond Cold Out… Again. **Day 2**

  1. I love the composition of your photo. Do you actually read sitting at your desk? I’m not sure I’ve ever tried reading at a desk! Also, I hate when someone comments on the amount of coffee I’m drinking!


    • Thank you so much for your comment and the compliment! I do read at my computer desk a lot, especially during these long reading stretches – sitting upright helps keep me from getting sleepy. Also, I’m always making notes for the review that follows, so being on a surface where I can have a notebook at the ready is really helpful. Boyfriend is a smart man who doesn’t comment on it super often, but sometimes I get the side eye and a “maybe you should have a glass of water” comment. He’s probably right haha. I’m probably dehydrated 75% of the time.


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