A Quick Check-In

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Hey Wordnerds!

Now that Christmas has come and gone (and I have finished mourning the loss of my favourite holiday for another year), I thought I would check in with everyone. Also, I’m more than a little excited about one of my incredibly bookish Christmas gifts.

My mother, who knows me WAY too well, sent me THIS BEAUTY: agatha

I have never in my life seen a prettier book. Not only does it include my favourite Poirot story (Murder on the Orient Express), but it’s also ROSE GOLD! Which is a shade of gold that I didn’t know that I loved so much until I started working at my last job at a jewelry store.

Also as far as awesome blog-worthy Christmas gifts go, my wonderful boyfriend got me an HD webcam so that I can skype my family back home – AND create some videos for you guys! Perhaps I can even figure out how to do some live stuff in the facebook group! When we make it to our 50 followers, and I’m ready to give out the $50 Amazon gift card, maybe I can do it live! (Nudge, nudge, hint, hint. *cough* tell your friends *cough*)

I do very much hope that everyone had an amazing holiday season and made some memories with their loved ones over the last little while. I, personally, did not get to go home and visit my family – but as I said in a recent post I am anxiously awaiting a flight home in February when I shall be free to visit my family for a full week. Having Christmas without them was incredibly difficult – and VERY strange – but thankfully I do have a fantastic support system up here that made sure that I wasn’t too sad.

Plus! In front of us is a brand new year and with that the promise of bigger and better things for the blog. I have a few challenges that will definitely keep my reading interesting for 2018 and some Bookish Resolutions that I will share with you guys in a couple of days. (Hint: being more consistent with my blog posts is DEFINITELY one of them.)

Anyway, I would love to hear your holiday stories so feel free to drop them in the comments below! I do read and approve EVERY comment that comes through, and it absolutely makes my day to hear from my lovely Wordnerds!

2 thoughts on “A Quick Check-In

  1. Hmm, this seems to be a big thing based on what I’ve seen recently. I’m not really into mysteries, but I’ve read and enjoyed Sherlock Holmes. I’ll have to look into this one too. You’re posts are awesome!


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