Reading Season

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Ah my lovely Wordnerds. Reading season is upon us.

Let’s face it, I read all year long – however, there is just something a little extra cozy about reading in the winter. Let me set the scene for you.

You are finally done your day, and preparing for some long-overdue reading time. Outside your window the snow is falling in big, fat, flakes – highlighted by the street lights. With a contented sigh, you sit down on the couch, basked in the glow of your Christmas tree (if you’re like me and crazy enough to have it up already) and pull a nice fuzzy blanket over your lap.  Soon you are surrounded by cats (or dogs, or ferrets – your critter of choice).

Doesn’t that sound amazing?! The bonus of the place that I live is that they get a lot of lake effect snow. We’ve had a few flurries every day for the last week. My snow loving friends back home are getting jealous. My mother is telling me that I’m hogging it all and to send some down south. Sorry mom, I wouldn’t do that even if I tried. These are the best reading days. Beat out only by the days where you have so much snow that everything shuts down and you have no where to go. I’ve always been a fan of that “snowed in” feeling.

This is very handy considering that I’m reading a Christmas book set in Scotland. Currently, the main character has not come across any snow. HOW CAN YOU HAVE A CHRISTMAS BOOK WITHOUT SNOW?!


I mean, snow has been hinted at, so that’s a bonus – but sometimes if I’m getting snow in real life, I want to read about it in fiction. I know that I’m crazy, and I know that more than one person in my life right now wants to punch my head clean off for being excited about winter – but that’s just the way I’ve always been.

I hope you all are feeling cozy and literary going into the holidays and I will see you all very soon!

3 thoughts on “Reading Season

  1. I’m totally with you about snow and winter. I was born in Indianapolis so perhaps it’s in my blood because I certainly did not grow up with any snow. I’ve lived in Los Angeles and Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona almost my whole life. I’ve only experienced snow 3 times in my life. The third time was this past winter here in Arkansas where I’m now living with my 90-yo mother. It only lasted a couple of days but it was the most exciting thing ever! Some day I must live somewhere that it snows and rains A LOT.

    Happy snowy reading!!!


  2. Snow days have always been the best literary days… even when I was a kid! First tobogganing, skating or snow fort building and then inside for hot chocolate, blanket and a book! 🤗


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