Readathon Eve – Tips and Tricks 

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Alright Wordnerds! Now that the day is almost over and my food preparations are complete, I shall sit down to give you a few helpful tips on completing the readathon! (I might actually try some of these myself and maybe I’ll actually be successful this time haha.) 

1. Do not caffeine load right away. I’ve done this and all it does is leave me shaky until I inevitably crash an hour or two later. Space out your caffeine. 

2. Establish a nest – but don’t feel forced to stay in it. Sometimes I’ll build up the couch with pillows and blankets and then feel like I have to remain in the nest all day. This is so not true! Sometimes you have to change the scenery. Find a shady spot outside, or head to a diner or coffee shop. 

3. Do not read in your bed! I did this exactly one time and I lasted about… four hours before I was unconscious. 

4. Readathon is a great time for making fantastic new snacks, but don’t fill up on junk. Have some fruits and veggies handy – especially if you’re a reader who grazes like I do. 

5. Get a good sleep the night before. I know that this sounds like common sense but it can be hard to sleep when you’re so excited! 24 hours of reading is a long time, so get as much shut eye as you can in preparation. 

6. Put on real clothes. Readathon is a great time to laze around in your jimjams but I find that staying in my sleepwear makes me want to…well… sleep. So I usually find it helpful to put on a pair of jeans and some regular clothes. 

7. Toss in some variety. I posted my tbr the other day, and in the time between then and now, my plans have changed. You do not have to read just what you chose before hand. I know a lot of Wordnerds who throw a graphic novel in there just for a change!

8. Finally, we come to our last tip. HAVE FUN. Don’t worry about your page count or if you have to take a few breaks for real life stuff. The point of the readathon is to get all of us readers doing something together. Follow along with your favourite booktubers, and your friends on Litsy or instagram or Twitter. It doesn’t matter if you read for the full 24 hours. All that matters is that you enjoyed yourself. 

And with that final (and most important) tip, I bid you all good night. You can follow my readathon journey on instagram at @hungrywordnerd or on Litsy at Good luck Wordnerds! See you on the other side! 

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