It’s About That Time…

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Every year, usually somewhere in the last few weeks of summer, I get an urge to read books that will have me sleeping with the lights on. This tends to continue until about Halloween, when my reading choices switch almost immediately to Christmas.

Have you ever been walking at night and see the candlesticks glow?   I have once and ne'er shall forget the sight that scared me so.   For in that lamp, growing quite dim, two little hands did shine from within...  ~Mauri C.                                  (Photo Cred: Pinterest/

Now, I used to write a blog designed specifically to find the scariest books out there. I wanted full-on terror. I didn’t want zombies – which seems to be so insanely popular right now. Give me a good old fashioned Haunted House story! Give me spooks and demons and things that go bump in the night! I want to be Joey from friends, shoving the tome in the freezer so that the ghosts can’t get me!

Now, I’ve always been a big fan of Stephen King. In the past, the man could do no wrong. He was the Master of his craft and never failed to give me at least one nightmare. Unfortunately, a few years back I got Revival for Christmas. I haven’t been able to trust him since. Maybe it was just a bad one off, but I wasn’t taking any chances. It may be time to find a new favourite author for the scary stuff.

Thus, armed with a library card and a kindle, I go forth into the world to try to find something that has me sleeping with the lights on. Do you dare join me?

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