Carbs and the Dreaded… Reading Slumps

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Let’s get to the scary stuff, shall we?

Every word nerd worth her library card has hit a reading slump at one time or another. The torture is familiar: you just finished a great book and you’re so excited to start another great book, so you pick one out of your to be read pile and dive right in. A few pages into it though, you feel like maybe that story just isn’t what you wanted to read at that particular point in time. Vowing to give it another try a few books from now, you select another book… and then another… and then another…

This is usually where the average word nerd starts to get really freaking frustrated. You know that these books are probably great reads, and yet you feel nothing that would compel you to keep at them for more than a few chapters. You’ve changed the books on your “to be read shelf” on goodreads/litsy so many times that you’re sure that your peers are going to knock down your door with torches and pitch forks for the inundation of social media notifications – and look at Susan and her 25 books read this month, what a show off!

Now, breathe my dear word nerd. Let’s not take out our frustration on poor Susan. I’m sure that she’s not really trying to rub her success in your face. Despite the fact that you very well may think that all is lost, there are so many tips out there for getting yourself back on the reading train. Some people force their way through a book, some people pick up something new, or something completely different from what they would normally read. In the past, I have approached bookish pals and told them of my predicament and asked them for a book that I would have to read. However, I once posed this questions to my friends and followers on Litsy and along came my saving grace.

Reread one of your favourites.

Now, through some experimentation, I learned that revisiting a favourite novel was not the only way to jump start my reading mojo. I also needed an outside influence – comfort food. Pictured above: Me using mac & cheese (served with extra carbs on the side, and a healthy portion of humor courtesy of the late Sir Terry Pratchett – may he rest in peace) to pull me out of a reading funk. Since employing this method for the first time last September, with Dewey’s 24 hour readathon looming a few weeks later, I have been successful in snapping myself out of it 100% of the time. That being said, what works for me may not work for you – but you’ll never know until you try – and if you’re desperate enough, you’ll try anything.

So let’s here it, how do you make your way out of a slump? Do you just pile through or wait it out? Also, what is your favourite comfort food to enjoy while reading (maybe on a rainy day, with a cup of tea)? I’d love to hear your advice and stories, so please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

I am chomping at the bit to get back to the Discworld, but thanks so much for visiting Word Nerds!



One thought on “Carbs and the Dreaded… Reading Slumps

  1. For me corn chips and con queso make a boring book easier to read
    Word of advice if you are reading electronically use a stylus
    If u are reading an actual paper book have a napkin handy and wipe your fingers before u turn the page. Good luck. Slumps happen. Good job Katy!


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