Sharing Space With Non-Readers

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While I tend to devour as much of the written word as I possibly can, I do just so happen to live with someone who doesn’t read. To his credit, if a new book about a video game or Dungeons and Dragons comes out, he will sit down and – at the very least – flip through it. However, my long hours, snuggled up with a book are completely lost on him. Usually, while I am lost between the pages he is playing another game of Hearthstone or streaming a Pokemon game on Twitch.

I’m insanely lucky to have found someone who doesn’t scoff at my love of literature and is quite good at amusing himself while I indulge in my favourite hobby. However, I have heard horror stories (as well as experienced some of my own in the past) where avid readers pair up with someone who looks down upon their lifestyle choice. Partners who sneer at extra book shelves and cast eye rolls upon frequent trips to the library. I have met these people and I want to kick every single one of them.

Readers are a compassionate group, we don’t turn our noses up at the hobbies of others. We don’t judge people for having 500+ hours on a video game that they love. Let’s face it, we spend hours upon hours staring at imaginary worlds printed on slices of dead trees – during which time most of us hallucinate vividly the scene that has been set before us. We’re oddballs right along side the people who have created themselves a character in an online game and spent all of their waking hours building that characters into something amazing. The same goes for people who spend all of their time at the gym, trying to be the best versions of themselves. Everyone is different and in order for a relationship/room mate situation to be good and harmonious, we have to both accept and embrace our differences.

Sometimes when boyfriend is playing video games, I will join him. Sometimes if I’m knee-deep in a really good book, he will come and sit in my reading corner with me and browse online articles or monster manuals for his latest Dungeons and Dragons campaign. It works for us and we can enjoy each others company while still doing completely different things.

Hang in there word nerds. I know that living with a non-reader can be difficult, but all it takes is the time to find that groove. Just keep in mind that everyone likes what they like for their own reasons – and they shouldn’t be faulted for it.

If you’re in a relationship with someone who doesn’t read at all, sound off in the comments. Is your non-reader partner still supportive of your book habit? Or do they scoff every time you come home from the book store, still glowing from the excitement of your purchase? If they give you a hard time, do you want me to come there and beat them up? I’ll do it. We word nerds have to stick together.

One thought on “Sharing Space With Non-Readers

  1. Ugh, my life here. He’s promised me he’d read my favorite book for years, and nothing. The most I can get him to read are Dungeons and Dragons manuals and comic books, both of which I do enjoy, and his friends have him reading Game of Thrones. It sure seems like he’s prioritizing his friends reading opinions over mine and it’s irritating. Mostly it makes me sad that he’s missing out on the many, many worlds out there. At least he never complains about my stacks of books on the shelves or on our tables!


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