My Summer Reading… and a Confession

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With the beginning of summer looming over this Northern Ontario town (although the temperature sure wouldn’t hint at that today – today is sweater weather at its finest) I have the usual desire to start some kind of summer reading challenge. This year, a series that I have to confess that I have never finished: The Harry Potter books.

A few years ago, I did a Stephen King reading challenge for myself and some of the lovely ladies that I worked with at the time. It was pretty intense when I realized just how many books King had written in his life – and more were coming out every year. There’s just something about summer, with its thunderstorm warnings and sweltering hot days, that cries for a challenge of some sort. Being the word nerd that I am, I tend to prefer those challenges to allow me to stay inside and not really have to work too hard. Despite the lengthy list of reading material, the challenge was a hit and all of us really enjoyed our time snuggled under a blanket, listening for things that went bump in the night.

Back to Harry Potter – I’ve read up to the end of the fourth book, but that was probably a good… ten years ago. I had a hard time getting into the Order of the Pheonix, but that really could be just because of everything that was going on at that time. Or it could have been the length of time between finishing the Goblet of Fire and picking up the next book. Who knows? Regardless, I will make it my goal to finish the series – feels included – by the beginning of September. No longer will I have to (unsuccessfully) avoid spoilers, and I will finally be able to sit down and actually watch the rest of the movies. This is a series that is renowned through out the world, a series that started a love of reading in so many people, how can I be a true word nerd without ever having finished my years at Hogwarts?

Wish me luck!

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