The Shadow Falls Series – C.C. Hunter **Review**

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I have far too many feelings. I finished Chosen at Nightfall about… ten minutes ago. Poor boyfriend was taking a nap before he had to go into work for the second time today – but I had to talk to SOMEONE about the last book in a series that quickly became one of my favourites.

Here’s the thing: at the beginning, I really wasn’t Kylie’s biggest fan. She was whiny and entitled and just a tad over dramatic. By the end of the series, I actually wanted to be her best friend.

C.C. Hunter did an amazing job of pulling the reader in and making “just one more chapter” a common phrase in my house. The cliff hangers at the end of a few of these books kept me from abandoning the series – something that I am known to do if I start to get mid-series burn out. Despite some of the cheesy dialogue and a love triangle that just won’t quit, I found myself loving every single one of the Shadow Falls campers for different reasons. I would suggest this series to anyone with a deep love for paranormal Young Adult literature.

Sound off in the comments, did you read them? Did Kylie choose the guy that you would have? And if you were at Shadow Falls, what species of supernatural would you want to be? (It would definitely be a witch for me! Miranda is awesome!)


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