Fancy Yourself a Little Wager?

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So, last night was the first night that Darling Boyfriend had to go to work and leave me alone in the new apartment. As he was leaving, I told him that I was going to finish the last book in the wonderful Shadow Falls series – since I was really excited to read some of my library books. Boyfriend knows me quite well and is well aware that I am actually an insanely slow reader – so we decided to put a little wager on it.

The Wager: That I couldn’t finish the book in the five hours that he was at work. 

If he won: I would have to help him set up for/make an appearance at his Super Smash Bros tournament on Sunday.

If I won: He had to sit down and read Murder on the Orient Express in a two hour reading party with yours truly. He didn’t have to finish it, but he did have to give Agatha Christie the effort that she deserved. 

With the parameters set, off to work he went – and then I fell asleep almost immediately. Maybe it was the cranberry vodka cooler that I had been drinking, maybe it was the walk to and from the library yesterday afternoon. Regardless, I am so very ashamed to say that I failed miserably. Here I sit on page 196 of 399 and I dread how many times I’m going to have to carry televisions and gaming consoles up and down the stairs later tonight. It might be good for me to get out and meet some new people at the tournament – but I was really hoping to hide upstairs with one of my new library books. Sigh. Unfortunately I got myself into this mess and a wager is a wager, so I will participate with a smile on my face.

This is a totally acceptable reason to eat my feelings right?

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